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Translation Services - For companies or individuals that want translation or transcription done from Chinese to English or English to Chinese. Our Shine translators have been doing professional translation since 2010 and are native in both Chinese and English.  Past translation projects include legal documents, business contracts, business manuals, quality control documents, medical surveys, interviews, electrical engineering documents, food production documents, and educational curriculum. Get More Information ›

Free English Conversation Group - For individuals who want an informal way to practice English. Conversation groups are offered weekly depending on the availability of the instructor. Get More Information ›

Editing Services - For companies or individuals who want professional written communication.  English is important for your business, and using English well will make a good impression on your customers and peers alike. Whether sending an email, writing a brochure for marketing, putting together a newsletter, or creating a manual for your company, using correct English matters. Shine's goal is to help you communicate in a professional and accurate way, whether you are connecting with English-speaking colleagues or reaching out to customers. Get More Information ›

Medical English - For professionals in the healthcare field who want study Medical English. We can custom design a course if the right instructor is available or we have a 10 week introductory course that goes over the anatomy and pathophysiology of the major systems. Our current Medical English instructor works at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN as a nurse.  See here for full instructor qualifications and bio.  Get More Information ›


Business or Specialty English lessons cost between $30.00-$60.00 per lesson hour depending on the desired level of customization, number of lessons purchased, and the experience of the instructor. Package prices are available.

Editing and Translation service prices are decided on a per project basis but are competitively priced. 

“Shine is a very great language school to an English learner. The teachers are very patient and professional. Before working with Daniel and Will (my instructors) I had a serious pronunciation problem. Now my American colleagues tell me my English has improved greatly. Now I feel I am more confident when I speak English. I very much appreciate Daniel and Will’s patience and effort to help my pronunciation. I think the teachers make Shine better than other language schools.”
— Richard Fu; Senior Program Engineer; Monroe Mechanical (Shanghai), LLC