Business English Instructor - Daniel Routh

Mr. Daniel Routh taught English in China for eight years from 2003-2011. Mr. Routh taught over 1,300 students in schools, universities, and private tutoring in Beijing, Anhui, and Hunan.  He enjoyed a particularly fond relationship with Anhui Normal University, in Wuhu, Anhui, where he spent four years teaching writing, spoken English, speech, and literature.  During his tenure in Wuhu, he conducted research into Chinese teaching methodology and the memorization of Chinese poetry in primary and secondary schools. He also wrote a scholarly paper titled "The Life and Teachings of Confucius: An Introduction for a Western Audience," which was translated into Chinese and resulted in a panel of Chinese scholars inviting Mr. Routh to participate and present his perspectives through a translator to engage in a discussion of Confucian thought.

Mr. Routh, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Writing and Poetry as well as a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Communication. This autumn Mr. Routh will be teaching Principles of Human Communication at Georgia Regents University, in Augusta, Georgia, United States.  He is also writing a novel and several works of poetry. He is an admirer of Du Fu, the Chinese poet from the Tang Dynasty, and after residing in Hunan, he is not afraid of spicy food.

Daniel Routh先生从2003年至2011年在中国教了八年英语。Routh先生在北京、安徽和湖南的中小学、大学以及私营培训中心教了超过1300名学生。他与安徽师范大学建立了特别友好的关系。在安徽师范大学,他教了四年英语写作、口语、演讲和文学。在武汉任职期间,他致力于汉语教学方法和中小学中文诗歌的记诵的研究。他还写了学术论文,论题是“向西方观众介绍孔子的生活与教学”。这篇论文被翻译成中文,由此几位汉语言专业的学者邀请Routh先生参与关于孔子思想的讨论,Routh先生通过翻译发表演讲。

Routh先生拥有英语写作和诗歌的学士学位以及跨文化交流的硕士学位。今年秋季学期,Routh先生将在美国佐治亚州奥古斯塔(Augusta)的佐治亚摄政大学(Georgia Regents University)教授有关人际交往原理的课程。他也写了一部长篇小说和几篇诗歌作品。他是唐朝诗人杜甫的崇拜者。在定居湖南后,他不再害怕辣的食物。