General English Instructor - Gina Marchetti

Gina graduated from Concordia University St. Paul in May 2015 with a degree in Music Composition. She has always had many interests and passions. After devoting four years to an intense focus on music, she plans on redirecting her path to English - another one of her loves. Studying language has always been an important part of Gina’s education. In high school she studied Spanish, and in college she studied Biblical Greek. Studying these languages has thoroughly informed her knowledge of English grammar as well. She volunteered as a leader in the youth program at North Heights Lutheran Church for three years. There, she connected with high school students and helped counsel them through some of the struggles of teenage years. She also tutored one student in writing, math, and science.

For fun, Gina and some fellow students at Concordia “workshop” each other’s creative writing. Gina is a kindhearted, meticulous and conscientious worker, who has always had a passion for helping others learn, and plans to pursue future opportunities to do so.