Business English Instructor - Glenn Niedergall

Glenn is an Educator and a Corporate Trainer who has spent the last two years teaching English to Ph.D. students of various majors preparing for international academic exchange, as well as to University Teachers, Lecturers, and Professors at Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) in the capital city of Beijing, China (2013 - 2015).  Glenn has more than 20 years of professional business training experience with him.  He was the Supervisor of Business Services Training for True Value Company from 1990 to 2013.  True Value Company is one of the world's largest retailer-owned hardware cooperatives which represents independent retailer locations in over 60 countries. True Value has retail sales in their communities totaling about $5.5 billion with 13 regional distribution centers and approximately 2,500 True Value Associates. Glenn is a trainer, a professional communicator, and a coach.  He enjoys helping others achieve their goals and stay on mission. He trains others to succeed using adult learning techniques that ensure the successful transfer of skill and knowledge.

Glenn earned his bachelor’s degree in business and technical writing from Ellis University, and holds a graduate teaching certificate in “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” from Wheaton College.  Glenn also holds certifications as a “Training Director/Manager”, and “Master Trainer” from Langevin Learning Services.

商务英语老师-Glenn Niedergall

Glenn 是一位老师和公司培训者。在过去的两年中,他教各种专业的博士生英文,帮助他们准备国际交流项目。2013年至2015年,他还教北京理工大学的老师,讲师和教授英文。

Glenn有超过20年的专业商务培训经验。1990年至2013年,他曾经是True Value Company商务服务培训的主管。True Value Company 是世界最大的五金器具零售商之一,在60几个国家有独立的零售点。True Value在零售业内总销售业务大约55亿美元,分布在13个地区性分部和大约2500个零售点。Glenn是培训者,专业宣传人员和教练。他喜欢帮助别人达到目标完成使命。他运用成人学习技术成功培训员工,传授他们技术和知识。

Glenn拥有Ellis University颁发的商务和专业写作学士学位,以及Wheaton College颁发的“教授英语作为外语”的教师资格证。Glenn还拥有Langevin Learning Serives “培训主管/经理”和“主导培训师”的资格证。