General English Instructor - Grace Arneberg

Grace graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Stout in December 2014 with a communications and journalism degree; during her time as a student, she worked as a writing tutor for the university’s Writing Center. She also spent her summer of 2014 in Xiamen, China as an English teacher, teaching children of different ages (first grade to junior high) as well as business English to Chinese professionals. After realizing how much she loved teaching English as a foreign language, she decided to pursue it further— in February 2015, Grace obtained the CELTA (Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Growing up, Grace spent a few years in Tanzania and China, and plans to continue combining her love for traveling, teaching English and learning about other cultures.

Grace2014年12月毕业于Wisconsin大学Stout分校,传播与新闻专业。学生期间,她在大学写作中心担任英语写作指导的工作。2014年夏天,她在中国厦门教孩子英语,她的学生年龄层分布很广,小学一年级到初中。她也教商务英语。她意识到自己非常喜欢英语作为外语教学,她决定进一步学习,2015年2月,Grace获得CELTA证书(剑桥证书-英语作为外语教学) 。在Grace的成长过程中,她在坦桑尼亚和中国住过几年。她计划继续她钟爱的旅行,教英语和学习其他文化。