Business English instructor - Lauren Mosteller

Mrs. Lauren Mosteller has four years of teaching experience in Harbin, China.  She has partnered with both the East University of Heilongjiang (黑龙江东方学院) and Harbin Engineering University (哈尔滨工程大学) to teach and develop curriculum for courses such as Speaking, Audio-Visual Listening, IELTS Prep, and Academic Writing.  At HEU, she partnered with Chinese colleagues to create the academic writing portion of a three-year writing program compatible with provincial and national standards.  During the two years she was involved in this process, she provided over 120 hours of individualized feedback to students as they compiled their final research papers.  In her most recent position, Lauren supervised and mentored six new teachers and facilitated their curriculum development, including courses for Business Speaking and Business Writing.  Some of Lauren’s favorite parts about teaching are being able to assist students in meeting their language goals and offering encouragement and helpful feedback in a one-to-one setting.

Lauren earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Auburn University, focusing on American Literature and Creative Writing.  She also has acquired a graduate-level teaching certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Wheaton College.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and learning about Chinese culture.

Lauren Mosteller有四年在中国哈尔滨教英语的经验。她在哈尔滨东方学院和哈尔滨工程大学教课以及编写课程,她的教学内容包括英语口语,视听,雅思备考和专业英语写作。在哈尔滨工程大学,她和中国同事一起按照国家课程大纲和省教学标准制定了一套三年专业英语写作课程。在她参与课程编写项目的两年间,她提供了对学生学习进展超过120小时的个人反馈,在最后的研究论文中起了很大的作用。Lauren当下的职务是监督和辅导六位新老师,帮助他们课程计划,包括商务英语口语和商务英语写作。对于教学,Lauren最喜欢的是帮助学生达到他们的语言目标,一对一地给予鼓励和有帮助的反馈。