Shine Language School has been helping our employees in China to improve Oral English skills for over a year. This is our first attempt to try improving our key employee English skills using remote real-time video education. The results were quite impressive as the three employees enrolled in this program have improved their listening comprehension and oral English skills. We have now expanded this to cover more of our employees and I can see more use in the future.
— Robert Duan, PhD, MBA, Valspar Global Technical Director
“The best part of Shine are its teachers!”

— Sky Tan (谭军辉), Wood Coating Senior Technical Manager; Valspar

“English skills are becoming increasingly important in our growing multi-national manufacturing company. We’ve used a variety of approaches to improve language fluency at our China operations. The most effective approach I’ve seen has been Shine’s deeply engaging one-to-one tutoring that is specifically tailored to the particular needs of key staff members. Shine tutoring has consistently produced noticeable and lasting results.”
— -Jim Arneberg, General Manager, Polygon (Xiamen) Composite Materials
Shine offers flexible class times that fit around the student’s time table. This is very important for business people. Through Shine I have had great improvement in speaking and overcoming the emotions of shyness and embarrassment. My teacher deeply knows Chinese culture and we have so many topics to discuss together.
— Wilson Chen (陈余水), China Sales Manager, Polygon (Xiamen) Composite Materials Limited

I studied English in China for 14 years but still had problems communicating with my American colleagues. After 2 months of study with Shine, I no longer speak English a little scared, now I am confident even if I’m wrong. Shine’s way of teaching is different from our training institutions in China. Shine makes students speak to master oral English pronunciation. Their teaching model is very good. My teacher and I became good friends. It is worth you to trust this school.
— Xu Fuhai; Assembly Supervisor; Monroe Mechanical (Shanghai), LLC
“This is the third contract we’ve had with Shine Language School. We are highly satisfied with the detailed learning plan they provide our employees. Shine provides excellent one-on-one teaching and regular learning feedback. Shine has earned our trust.”
— Rico Ni; Operation Manager, Monroe Mechanical (Shanghai), LLC

The teachers are very responsible and patient. The teachers emphasize on the weak part of the students which they need to improve. They tried to find the best teaching materials!
— Bin Luo; Assistant Technical Support Manager; Banner Engineering Int’L Inc. Shanghai

I feel lucky to find Shine Language School through my good friend Cherry. Shine has opened a door for my daughter. Shine provides a new way to learn English with high efficiency and perfect quality. Shine has not only improved my daughter’s listening and speaking but also has developed her interest in learning. The more important thing is that my daughter has learned about American culture, a new education system and has established a profound friendship with her teacher. Through more than two years studying in Shine School, I definitely believe that my original choice is wise when I see my daughter making progress day by day. Her interest in learning English becomes stronger and stronger. Now she loves to learn English and insists in studying in the Shine Language School.
— Su Yanping, Mother of student; Beijing, China
My son has been studying with Shine Language School for over 1 year. During this time I’ve seen significant improvement in his reading and writing ability. His English scores have improved, his confidence is high, and he continues to excel in English thanks to Shine. I especially appreciate the extra attention and personal investment Shine has made in my son.
我的儿子在 Shine Language School学习已经有一年多了。在此期间,我看到他的阅读和写作能力有了明显的提高。英语成绩也上去了,他对此充满信心,因为Shine,他的英语将必更强。我尤其感激Shine Language School额外的关爱,也赞赏自己为儿子投资Shine所做的一切。
— Linda Lin; Mother of Chinese student studying in the U.S.