Business English instructor - Jennifer Moul 

Ms. Jennifer Moul (Wei) has over 13 years of teaching experience at various levels in Asia and the U.S. She taught Advanced English and English Conversation classes for several years at one of the most prestigious high-schools in Macau, Pui Ching Middle School (澳门培正中学). While there she helped develop and run their English Club program which included an English newspaper, English drama and many other varied activities. For the Advanced English course, she prepared students to take the TOEFL and IELTS exams, do research in English and write a research paper, all with the goal of preparing students for university life in a Western setting. Her former students have gone on to graduate from such prestigious universities as Purdue, Cornell, University of Washington, and University of Michigan.

During her time in Macau, Ms. Moul was interviewed in the local teachers' quarterly magazine regarding her work in developing an English-intensive environment for students through the school's English Club. In addition to high-school level English, Ms. Moul has taught English Conversation, Writing and Speech-making to university students at a public university, where she received commendation from the school's review board.

Ms. Moul has also given instruction in remedial English classes to Teaching Assistants at the University of Illinois-Chicago whose subjects were as varied as Mathematics, Urban Planning, and Physics. Class content included practice in giving presentations, handling questions and feedback and pronunciation.

Ms. Moul's other previous English courses have included interview preparation, competition preparation, and immigrant English classes. Throughout her career, Ms. Moul has specialized in creating goal-specific curriculum tailored to student and client's individual needs.

Ms. Moul graduated from the University of Illinois-Chicago with a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics/TESOL and was honored to have her paper on supra-segmentals in pronunciation accepted for presentation at the 2009 TESOL graduate student forum in New York City. 

Ms. Moul was also previously employed by Educational Testing Services, administrator of the TOEFL exam.

Some of her favorite things about teaching are the ability to continue to learn new material as she strives to give her students the best content possible, and the chance to see individual students reach their goals.

In her free time, Jennifer likes to read about anything and everything, try her hand at cooking Chinese and Middle Eastern dishes for her husband to eat, grow plants and take photos.